A revolutionary technology for surface micro- and nano-patterning

ThunderNIL provides a new technological solution for nanopatterning surfaces with unprecedented throughputs.

We have introduced a revolutionary technology for surface micro- and nano-patterning that upgrades the existing Nanoimprint Lihography (NIL) technology, enabling nanopatterning and nanolithography, in extremely short times ( 100 cm2, further up-scalable).

The Pulsed-NIL process is

  • Fast: potentially more than 1000 pieces/hour
  • Simple: patterns directly and easily embossed on the surface of plastic object
  • Versatile: works on all thermoplastics, even those having high glass transition temperatures
  • Accurate: does not deform bulk plastic parts, but only affects their surface
  • Low cost: moderate startup cost, low running and maintenance costs
  • Saves energy: at least 100 times less energy used compared to the conventional thermal NIL

PulsedNIL is a relatively simple technique with a lot of possibilities: over the years our R&D team increased the number of applications and, now that the technology is grown, we offer the possibility to explore new solutions and improve your products.