About ThunderNIL

Innovative startup Company in the field of Nanotechnologies
Company information

ThunderNIL develops and promotes the Pulsed-NIL, ultrafast nanopatterning techology, which, thanks to its outstanding features, can challenge other established nanopatterning technologies, both in research and in industry. ThunderNIL offers all key elements to help its customers to exploit this new technology providing equipment, stamps and services, as well as the licenses to use the technology in the productions. ThunderNIL SRL was founded in 2009, it is legally registered in Padova (Italy) and has its main operations in Trieste (Italy).

Why ThunderNIL's technology ?

ThunderNIL has begun working directly with its first clients, delivering R&D services that will provide to them an accurate benchmarking of the technology with respect to their specific productions.

Companies adopting its Pulsed-NIL equipment will have a tool with extremely high throughput and really low running costs to address a continuously increasing request for:

  • customization of goods (using labels, codes, chromatic effects…) to target more and more, but smaller and smaller, market segments, and to improve stock management;
  • anti-counterfeiting features against frauds;
  • surface structuration for functional purposes (e.g. to control optical, magnetic, electronic, mechanical properties) to improve performances, and thus added value, of goods.

None of the actual techniques can cope with requirements, such as imprinting the mentioned features directly onto the goods, without adding any further material (e.g. sticking labels), without deforming predefined shapes, and making it along and at the same pace of production chains. This is an opportunity window opened by Pulsed-NIL patented and extensively proven technology.