Research and development: outsourcing

Our solution for tranforming research from a cost to a profit

Why research and development?

Maybe there’s no need to mention it, nowadays a company must constantly innovate or it may perish. The market is renewed at an ever faster pace and the only way to stay competitive is to foreknow the future right now.

Why outsourcing?

If your company is not equipped with a team dedicated to innovation, setting one from scratch requires a huge investment in capital, for specialized laboratories, qualified personnel and high-tech machinery. It also requires an investment of a few years before obtaining results that can be used in production. If you are looking for a solution, you want it now and you don’t want that it costs you all its profits before being self-sufficient.

Why Thundernil?

ThunderNIL is exactly what you need.

We have staff, equipment and laboratories ready to give you since day one a real research and development team able to provide you revolutionary solutions for your production, so as to increase your competitive advantage and add more value to your products in terms of functionality and design.

What can we provide?

ThunderNIL is specialized in the realization of:
  • Super-functionalization of surfaces: with our in-depth knowledge of micro and nano-structures we can provide new functionalities to your products, such as hydrophobicity or anti-reflex
  • Manufacturing of bio-sensors and nano-electrodes for biomedical field
  • Anti-counterfeiting and brand-protection through design and production of security holograms
  • Optics with lighting solutions obtained through the manufacture of micro-lenses, optical tables and lens systems, both in the visible and invisible spectrum.

How can you exploit our services?

We can provide a fully customizable service to the needs of the customer, with the advantage of ensuring a cost assessment at the beginning of collaboration, without running the risk of increasing the exspenses over time. ThunderNIL also can count numerous collaborations carried out in the past with research groups of other companies, demonstrating the ability to cooperate with other companies to contribute to the realization of innovative solutions, thanks to our experience and expertise gained in the field.

The solutions we propose are:

  •  “plug& play” setup: the R&D service is entirely provided by us from the beginning to the end, the customer asks us what to develop and we provide the finished product
  • integrated setup: our research works in parallel with a customer’s internal R&D unit, to collaborate synergistically
  • structured setup: a continuous cooperation plan is established with a monthly package of services guaranteed at a fixed fee
ThunderNIL‘s contribution will be fundamental for the success of your business, transforming technological innovation from a cost to a new value for your production, which will lead to greater profits.

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