Ultrafast Nanoimprint Lithography


Potentially more than 1000 pieces/hour


The micro-nano patterns are directly imprinted on the final object


Works on all thermoplastics, even those softening at high temperatures


Does not deform plastic objects. Structures are replicated at the nanoscale.

Low cost of ownership

Moderate startup cost, low running and maintenance costs.

Saves energy

1000-fold reduction of CO2 emissions compared to the conventional thermal NIL.

 Ultrafast Nanopatterning

enabled by ThunderNIL’s technology

 ∴ ThunderNIL has developed the Pulsed-NIL, a nanopatterning process that stems from Nanoimprint Lithography

 ∴ Pulsed-NIL enable the fabrication of 2D and 3D micro/nano-structures on surfaces for a broad range of applications 

 ∴ ThunderNIL offers a complete technological solution based on its Pulsed-NIL tools, stamps and processes


EuroBioHighTech 2017

Euro Bio High Tech 2017 is a unique showcase for the institutions and the companies working in the Biotech and Smart Health world, which brings together the research and manufacturing sectors in order to create new development and business opportunities. ThunderNIL...

High level talents training program

The agreement between Italy and Cina signed yesterday will allow to young asian scientists to partecipate to a new PhD program called "High level talents training program” between Cina and Sissa, the International School for Advanced Studies. During the meeting...


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