ThunderNIL parteciperà alla 15a conferenza internazionale su Nanoimprint & Nanoprint Technology presentando il poster:

Influence of thermal nanoimprint parameters on the Young’s modulus of PMMA


Thermal nanoimprint lithography (T-NIL) is a replication process able to pattern microand nanostructures in a wide range of thermoplastic materials. The successful pattern transfer is based on three parameters: time, pressure and temperature. Rather less investigated is the effect of these parameters on the imprint resist properties. With the introduction of an pulsed NIL (p-NIL) process it became even more important to understand possible resist modifications by the two fundamentally different types of the imprint. For this reason, we examined the effect of T-NIL on the mechanical properties of polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) by using high-resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) with a relative method that use a reference of PS for a faster calibration.
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