Microfluidics, biosensors, surface finishing, logos, holograms, data storage, optoelectronics, photonics, plasmonics, photovoltaics, functional surfaces, metrology…
Pulsed-NIL™ approach fits in a large class of fields where efficient patterning of surfaces at the micro/nanometer scale is required:
  • biotech: microfluidics, drug delivery and point of care devices
  • optoelectronics: photovoltaics, lighting devices, displays
  • telecommunication: integrated optics, refractive or diffractive optical elements
  • micro/nano-mechanical systems
  • anti-counterfeiting products
  • logos, surface finishing and surface aesthetics , etc…
Nanopatterned surfaces will provide our everyday objects with enhanced functionalities and unprecedented aesthetics.

Ultrafast imprinting of a rainbow hologram on a plastic part, in an early process demo.