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Surface topography plays a fundamental role in many cellular processes (adhesion, proliferation, differentiation, migration, and cell-cell interaction) and it is one of the crucial aspect to cosider when developing cell cultures.

ThunderNIL uses an innovative methodology of nanoimprinting to create patterns with micro- and nano-dimension on the surface of cell culture substrates.

Pattern can be fabricated on different materials (Polystyrene, PDMS, Titanium, Chromium, and many more), including your own.

Patterned substrates are suitable for studying cell characteristics and processes (adhesion, morphology, alignment, differentiation, migration), quantifying cellular forces, standardizing cultures, and developing co-cultures.


Glass coverslip

SU-8 Photoresist Cylindrical Cones

Silicon Grids

A list of some of our products:


Pulsed-NIL and replica molding are used to produce devices and labs-on-a-chip with high resolution and high aspect ratio structures.

Devices are made in thermoplastics, UV curable resist, PDMS, Ormostamp, glass and silicon.

PDMS - Test Pattern

PDMS - Test Pattern


Pulsed-NIL applies the high resolution, uniformity and high productivity to the production of Nano-electrodes for electrochemical analysis and nanosensing applications on glassy carbon and platinum, gold and silver.

Standard NEA are available with defined structural parameters, customized structures upon request.

Glassy Carbon on Silicon


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